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Local Agenda 21 and Civic Participation

Interdisciplinary contributions to landscape planning on regional and local level. A long experience throughout Austria in handling following category groups:

  • Regional city planning: Contributions to open space planning in regional planning concepts
  • Local city planning: Development of practicable implementation-focused instruments in order to harmonise the aspects of recreation and leisure facilities, nature conservation as well as soil, water and climate in urban development
  • Rural development, Local Agenda 21: Modern planning integrates people into the planning process and finds ways for civic participations in all phases. This promotes the individual responsibility for the own living space and the joy in designing the living environment. From the standpoint of the administration it is possible to realise complex and difficult topics transparent by participation in Local Agenda 21. In many linked small projects the cultural landscapes become preserved, historical, ecological and social aspects become integrated into the communal development and innovative solutions of cooperation can be found.