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Reference projects

Expertise of Infrastructure Projects

Contributions on landscape planning and environmental impact assessment (EIA) of infrastructure projekts (planning)

Audit and Scientific Contributions according international nature conservation regarding the directives of the European Community (Fauna-Flora-Habitats-Directive and Birds-Directive):

  • Reports on the NATURA2000-assessment (NVE) of projects
  • Ornithological reports according the conservations status of protected species of Annex I of the Birds-Directive
  • Reports on the conservation status of habitats of Annex I of the Fauna-Flora-Habitats-Directive
  • Reports on the conservation status of animal and plant species of Annex II of the Fauna-Flora-Habitats-Directive

Scientific Reports and Contributions regarding protected resources in Environmental processes:

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • Coordination of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • EIA reports Plants, Animals and their habitats (Ecology - Biotopes, Zootopes)
  • EIA reports Spatial planning and urban planning
  • EIA reports Landscape asthetics and recreation
  • EIA reports Agriculture and Forestry, Hunting and Fishing
  • EIA reports Cultural values

Landscape Planning and Assessment according to:

  • Nature Protection Law
  • Water Protection Law
  • Forest Law