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Reference projects

Nature Protection and Landscape Management

Research, mapping and planning - general and special contributions on cultural landscapes, vegetation and animal communities. Long time experience in several biogeografic regions concerning:

  • Typisation of Cultural Landscapes in accordance with own method (developed in cooperation with the University of Vienna as being part of the National Research Focus "Cultural Landscapes" between 1996 and 2002)
  • Biotope Mapping
  • Mapping of Landscape Structures
  • Ecomorphological Mapping of Riversites
  • Mapping of key species of regional animal species communities using a self developed method (see Thesis)
  • Mapping of selected mammals (eg. Spermophilus citellus, Cricetus cricetus)
  • Mapping of bird communities
  • Herpetological mapping (amphibians and reptiles)
  • Entomological mapping (grasshoppers, crickets, butterflies, dragonflies)
  • Malacological mapping (land snails)

Experience in Nature Conservation Planning:

  • Nature parks: planning and management - in four Austrian Nature Parks: Blockheide Eibenstein/Gmünd, Geras, Hollenstein and Laussa, several related works with touristic aspects as Arboretum St.Gilgen, Aquarium Weyregg, SternGartl, landscape pond Mooswiesen
  • Management of Protected Areas
  • Species and Biotope Protection Programs - Concepts and Program of the first integrated national nature preotection Program in Austria in the Federal Capital Vienna (since 1993, Basic Concepts, framework study for the Federal Nature Conservation Law and Species Protection Decree of the City of Vienna, 1996, Implementation Studies, since 1998 Hernals, Biotope Protection Program dry Grasslands, Species Protection Program Bats, since 2000 Member of the steering committee, since 2003 project leader of the Species and Biotope Protection Program)
  • Regional and local Landscape Development Studies
  • Coordination of the Red List of Endangered Animal Species of Upper Austria

Landscape Management of selected biotope types such as:

  • quarries
  • extensive pastures and juniper heaths
  • hedgerows
  • wetlands
  • rain forests
  • bogland management and restoration