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Nature Protection and Landscape Management

Development, testing and implementation of the first species and habitat conservation program in Austria

In Vienna, several studies (Conservation strategies for the city) since 1993, laid the foundation of a new order of nature conservation. Within the categories of protection to the aspect of preserving the formative character joins in with instruments such as the "Ecological Development Area" section. The width of the technical requirements of urban ecology, the species and habitat protection and social space were summarised suitable for practice in a goal planning as "Network Nature".

Hence the first time in Austria an overall conservation program was developed that was enshrined in the Vienna Nature Conservation Act 1998 and the Vienna Conservation Regulation 2000 and that has proven itself in practice since then.

The preservation and promotion of particularly demanding species and habitats is the core task of the Vienna species and habitat protection program. In order that the biodiversity of Vienna can further exist the living conditions of rare species are obtained and improved. Together with project partners such as from Urban Planning, Wiener Stadtgärten, Wiener Wohnen, Vienna Forestry and Wiener Gewässer, but also private institutions and individuals, a network of semi-natural habitats will be created. Particular attention is paid in addition to the numerous practical implementation projects throughout the city also to information and environmental education.