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Nature Protection and Landscape Management

Redesign of the Nature Park Geras, Lower Austria

With public participation and visitor survey in order to determine the structure of visitors and visitor wishes for the future development of the Nature Park Geras the park has been redesigned in the period from 1994 to 2004. Core of the redesign is the presentation of the mammals of the early days if Europe and of old domestic animal breeds.

Another focus was to shift the centre of the park to the Long Pond. At this point a large corral for the aurochses of Geras was established. The rich structure and the extensive riparian zones provide the European wild cattle a semi-natural habitat. A large viewing platform in the middle of the enclosure provides an overview of the entire area - from Goggitschberg to the farm area. The birds of the pond, aquatic life and regional fruit varieties that were planted along the roads, provide the opportunity to directly experience nature. With a large wooden xylophone made of tree trunks and a reshaping of the petting zoo enclosures with walk-in provision for children has been expanded.

The composition of the species was changed in favour of native species and small animals.

Display boards and signs at the enclosures give clear information about habitats, cultural history and lifestyles of various animal species.